About me

Portrait sketching, Dec 2017

My inspiration is in the everyday: my surroundings, people, and atmosphere of a particular location. Typical subjects for me are cafes, markets, and gardens, with a particular interest in sheds and trees. Real places, real goings on, a moment in time. I often choose acrylic paint for outdoor scenes, enjoying the hands-on physical painting process.

iPad art is a favourite medium for interiors. The clean self- contained nature of this medium, its portability and the fluidity of line works well capturing moments in cafes. The expressive qualities of charcoal, make it a favourite drawing medium for portraits.

Printmaking offers endless opportunities for experimentation with mark making. The planning involved in producing a relief print or etching can mean that the emphasis is less on spontaneity and more on graphic qualities of composition and rhythm. I like finding a balance between abstraction and realism, where shapes and marks are of interest in their own right. I won a Purchase Prize Award at Northern Print Dec 2015.

2016-17 I gained a place on a letterpress project at Northern print, producing works for exhibition based on poems by local poets. May- Nov 2017 I was lucky enough to be selected for a place on an Arts Council England funded project at Newcastle City Library with 21 other artists. My work was selected to front the exhibition and influenced its title.  This provided a different context for my work, bringing me to focus on aspects of the Library's collection of over-size books that are not currently on display.

I exhibit regularly and sell my work in the UK and internationally. Some of my designs are licensed by a leading publisher of fine art greetings cards.

The photo here by John May shows me sketching a portrait as a Community Centre fundraising activity in Dec 2017.