Congratulations on finding my site! I am a featured artist on both Saatchi and Artfinder, but you will find my work more affordable here.

I am an exhibiting artist, live in the North of England, paint and make prints using a range of processes, often working on location. Much of my work is experimental, combining processes. Preferring bold composition and mark making, colour and mood feature largely in my work, which sells in UK and internationally.

Some of my images are licensed by Fine Art greetings card publisher, Canns Down Press.

My printmaking recently featured in an Arts Council funded project at Newcastle City Library, where it was selected to front the exhibition.

Featured artist in Artfinder and Saatchi. 

Also at:-THE BISCUIT FACTORY, Newcastle



  1. Amanda Shaw avatar
    Amanda Shaw Aug 16, 2013

    The Mediterranean cliffs and buildings have a real sense of heat and sun, height and solidity. Impressive!

  2. Agrikbat avatar
    Agrikbat Jan 24, 2016

    Ха вот вы жжоте!

  3. Sandra Haney avatar
    Sandra Haney Jan 24, 2016

    Is there an English translation please?

  4. vivienne O'Shea avatar
    vivienne O'Shea May 31, 2017

    Hi Sandra - Do you have prints of the Ray Davies painting please? The painting is outside my budget, sadly.